How to Migrate Email from Google Apps to Office 365 Efficiently?

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In Recent decades, advancement in technology has changed the way of communication. Now there are various application which provide set of features that fulfil all the need of users For instance Cloud application. Office 365 is a cloud application developed by Microsoft. It offers set of advance and unique feature which attracts user from all over the world. That is the reason many users are keenly wants to know how to migrate email from Google apps to office 365.There are various method available to migrate items from Google apps to Office 365 but all of them give partial solution. Don’t worry, we provide you perfect solution through which conversion become so easy. Read this blog till end to grab all the knowledge about all the solution with their associated pros and cons.

Why it is required to Migrate Emails from Google Apps to Office 365?

  • As Office 365 is an application of Microsoft, it provides you various advance filters.
  • Mailbox of Office 365 is accessible from anywhere and anytime.
  • Provide High security than Google apps.
  • Synchronization of Office 365 account is easy as compare to former one.

Manual Method to Migrate Email from Google Apps to Office 365

Step 1: Ensure Domain Validation

  • In the very first step, Use Office 365 to verify that the domain you used for G Suite account is yours. It is necessary step for setting up Outlook 365.

Step 2: Add Users to Account of Office 365

  • In this step you have to add either single users or multiple users at the same time.
  • Next add licenses for each selected users. It is necessary condition to follow that each user must have the plan to access the Office 365 mailbox.

Step 3: Make list of all G Suite mailboxes to migrate

  • To transfer email from Google apps to Office 365, create a list of all the mailboxes which you want to migrate. It is always a better way to crate list in MS Excel through which you can migrate the email one by one.
  • Next fill the login credentials of admin account to log in to the G Suite Administrator Console.
  • Now move your curser to the left panel of the display and click on the user icon then each user individually to verify their ID.
  • Next open Office 365 Administration center and login to each users>> then active users. Make a note of username and email address.
  • Launch Microsoft Excel on your system.
  • Fill name of row such as username, email address and password and the details of each user respectively.
  • Now go to file>>Save as and save the CSV file at your desirable location.

Step 4: Synchronize Microsoft Office 365 account to G Suite

  • Open Exchange admin center>> Recipients>> Migration>> More..>> Migration endpoints.
  • Next click on New + to create a new migration endpoints.
  • Select IMAP for G Suite email migration to Office 365 which is available at the migration endpoint type page.
  • Now from IMAP migration configuration, enter imap.G and keeps other detail as it is to configure G Suite account in Office 365. Click on Next button.
  • Then it will setup the connection and if the connection works, Enter General Information Windows opens.
  • In Enter General Information Windows, enter Migration endpoint name and ignore the remaining fields.
  • Finally click on new button to create the migration endpoint.

Step 5: Start batch migration of G Suite Mailboxes

  • Go to Admin centers>> Exchange.
  • In Exchange admin center, go to Recipients then click on Migration to transfer emails from Google Apps to Office 365.
  • Press New + and after that click on IMAP Migration to migrate Exchange online and then hit on Next.
  • Now click on browse button to select the mailboxes which you want to migrate.
  • Next Office 365 verify the selected mailboxes. Once the validation completed, click on Next button.
  • Select migration endpoint you created earlier and click on Next.
  • Further tick all the default values and click on Next button to move forward.
  • After that enter the migration batch name which you specified in Migration endpoint name field and hit on Next button.
  • Now to send he backup report to other users, click the browse button.
  • Next choose Automatically start the batch>> New
  • After that the migration process start and shows the syncing status.
  • Once the migration is completed, it will show synced status.

Step 6: Update DNS Record to migrate G Suite to Office 365

  • MX record is used my email system which is also known as DNS record. It is a point which shows the direction of migration from source to destination platform. While we are executing the migration process, MX record is set to G Suite. It means all the all the mails are transferred to G Suite system. Once the above steps is fully completed you have to change the MX record from G Suite to Office 365 to make sure that now all the emails are transferred to Office 365 instead of G Suite.

Therefore you can easily migrate the emails from G Suite to Office 365 by following the above explained steps

Shortcomings of Manual Method

Manual method is used for migrating G Suite emails to Office 365 but it involves lots of limitation some of the limitation are given below

  • Manual method involves lots of technicality and it is not and ideal solution for all those users who don’t have technical knowledge.
  • Chances of data loss is high in case of Manual method.
  • The method consumes lots of your precious time hence not the efficient one to opt.

A Professional Solution to Migrate Google Apps to Office 365

G Suite Backup Tool is the most efficient and trustworthy third party application which provides you instant result. The software overcome all the limitation of manual method and give result with 100% accuracy and integrity. You will be amazed after knowing that the software migrate bulk of emails from Google Apps to Office 365 in just few minutes. The tool is a Windows based application which supports all Windows version such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, vista etc. After using this software you don’t need to go anywhere to find solution of how to migrate email from Google Apps to Office 365.The software is designed in such a way that you can easily migrate Google apps all data such as contacts, calendar, documents, attachments etc. to account of Office 365. It also provides advance filters so that you don’t need to select each folder separately.

How G Suite Backup tool perform migration of Google Apps to Office 365?

Step 1: Download G Suite Backup Tool and run it in your system.

home screen

Step 2: Choose G Suite from the list of email Service provider available at the left side of the display.

Scan & Formatted Scan

Step 3: Next fill Login details of G Suite account from which you want to extract emails i.e. Email Address and Password and click on Login button.

scanning process

Step 4: Just after clicking on login button the software start loading your mailbox and shows all the mailboxes at left panel.

load gmail folders

Step 5: Now choose Office 365 in the select saving option and fill login details of Office 365 admin account i.e. Email Address and Password.

Browse for Folder

Step 6: Further apply advance filters like to, from, subject date etc. for selective migration. If you apply date filter then the software migrate email of certain date range similarly all the other filters work. Choose the filter according to your requirement.

advanced gmail filters

Step 7: Now select the folders which you want to backup in Office 365 account and finally click on Backup Button to move forward.

Select Folders Sub-Folders

Step 8: The software start the migration process and show live status of the conversion.

Export Process

Step 9: After successful migration of selected emails, a notepad wizard opens with complete detail of migration such as Starting date and time, item converted, folder path, selected source, saving option etc.  Go to File>> click on Save as option to save the backup report in TXT format according to your need.

Final Files


In this blog we had discussed both manual method and professional method to migrate Google Apps emails to Office 365. If you are not ready to take risk and don’t have expertise in technical field then use Email Backup tool to know how to migrate email from Google Apps to Office 365 accurately. We will not recommend you Manual method if are migrating the files which contain important details as it is a risky affair. So read this blog, take your own time in evaluation and choose the method which best suits your need.