How to Move Thunderbird Mail Folders to Office 365 [Resolve]

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Nowadays, there are variety of email client present in the online market. Email client changes the way of communication and now all the organisation uses different email client to manage company’s database. Besides emailing service these email client also facilitate users to manage their personal data such as contacts, calendar, task journal, briefcase etc. All the email service providers are doing effort with the set of advance feature to attract large portion of the users. However time to time organisation faces urgent need to move database from one platform to another and it is not an easy task until you don’t know the right way to perform it. Thunderbird to Office 365 is one of the frequently performed conversion and users are seeking for a trustworthy tool to perform it. Keep reading this blog till end to get solution which best suits your need. Here we will discuss methods to convert Thunderbird mail into Office 365. If you want to move small quantity data to Office 365 then there is manual method for you and if want to move large quantity data then go for the professional solution.

There are various methods available to perform migration of Thunderbird mail folder to Office 365 but all those method contains risk of data loss or impose limitation on quantity transfer. No need to worry more as we are here with a reliable and trustworthy solution i.e. Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter. Download the software by below given link to get instant solution of how to move Thunderbird mail folders to Office 365 effortlessly without any risk of data loss. Before jumping to the solution let we first discuss reason behind this conversion.

Why Users want to Move Thunderbird Mail Folders to Office 365?

Office 365 is the cloud based application developed by Microsoft. The web-based email client provides unlimited data storage and it is an independent application. It facilitate user to access the mail box from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, Office 365 comes with a complete package which includes Exchange, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word etc. It is helpful for user who are working with limited storage as it is a platform to manage database in single place. That is the main reason to choose Office 365 over Thunderbird which is a desktop based application. There are some other reason also available which can be understand by reading below given users query.

Hello, I am using Mozilla Thunderbird since three years. After suspension of Thunderbird manufacturing, it become costly for me to manage database. Please recommend me a tool so that I can move my whole Thunderbird database to Office 365.

Hello, I am switching from my current job and there is urgent requirement to transfer my important files form Thunderbird to Office 365. Please suggest me a risk free way to perform the conversion in less time.

Manual Method to Move Thunderbird Mails to Office 365

Using manual method user can move Thunderbird mails to Office 365 by following 2 steps.

Step 1: Save Thunderbird mails to Windows PC

  1. In the first step, you have to create a new folder on desktop.
  2. Now launch Thunderbird application in your system.
  3. Following that, open the folder in which all the mails are saved.
  4. Now using Ctrl + A key, select all the messages that you need to be moved in Office 365.
  5. Next, right click on the selected messages and click on Save As option.
  6. Then hit browse button and choose newly created folder as destination to save the email there.

Step 2: Import EML files to Office 365

  1. Launch Outlook application in your PC
  2. Then select Folder tab and select the New Folder option.
  3. Now in the Create new folder dialogue box, rename the folder according to your need then click on Ok button to move Thunderbird mail into Office 365.
  4. Now by using drag and drop method, move the files from newly created folder to Outlook.

Step 3: Move files from Outlook to Office 365

  1. First, click on File tab then press Open & Export and select Import/Export
  2. Now select Import from another program and then click on Next button.
  3. Further choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and hit on Next.
  4. Now browse for the Outlook PST data file and choose the folder in which you have saved Thunderbird mails and click Next.
  5. Finally Choose Import items into the current folder in option then select Office 365 mailbox and press Finish button to end the process.

Limitation of Manual Method

  • As you can see by above given steps, the process is too lengthy and time consuming.
  • The method is not suitable for user who don’t have expertise in technical field.
  • A minor mistake may cause data loss.

Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter – A Professional Solution

Thunderbird to O365 Converter is a third party tool which gives you complete solution of how to move Thunderbird Mail folders to Office 365 efficiently. The software perform the conversion process with 100% accuracy and integrity.

Why Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter is a Better Solution than any Other Solution

  • Support batch migration of Thunderbird emails into Office 365.
  • Provides date filter which is very useful to manage database after conversion.
  • The software is an independent application which doesn’t require configuration of Thunderbird to perform the conversion.
  • Supports all the version of Windows such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, vista etc.
  • The tool has user friendly graphical interface and non- complex working steps.
  • Provide facility of back-up summary which can be saved for future use.

FAQ – Thunderbird Mail Folder Moved to Office 365

How to move Thunderbird mail folders to Office 365?

Follow all these steps to efficiently move Thunderbird folders to Office 365

Step 1: Download Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter and select Thunderbird Mail folders.

Step 2: Now choose with Impersonation or without Impersonation according to your need then fill all the required information and click on Export button to start the conversion process.

Step 3: Finally a dialogue box open with a message “Conversion completed successfully”, click on Ok button to finish the process.

Is there any file size limitation imposed by the software?

No, you can move email of any size to Office 365 without any obstacle.

Can I convert all emails with all attachments?

Yes, the software is capable of transferring all type attachments to Office 365.


We hope after reading this blog your query how to move Thunderbird mail folders to Office 365 no more remain unsolved. Here we discussed both manual method and professional method i.e. Thunderbird Converter, choose the method which best suits your need. If you want to try the professional solution before purchasing it, you can download its demo version. Thunderbird to Office 365 Converter demo version facilitate transfer of first 20 Thunderbird emails per selected folder to Office 365 for free of cost.