Lotus Notes to Office 365 Tool for Direct IBM Notes to Office 365 Migration

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Here, in the write-up, we will discuss how to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 with emails, contacts and calendar. The further section of the blog has discussed a perfect Lotus Notes to Office 365 Tool, which is a direct way for migrating Lotus Notes into Office 365 account.

These days, number of organizations are switching to Office 365 environment from desktop applications. It is getting more and more popular day by day because it offers many features and advantages to users. One such migration that all organizations and users are performing is Lotus Notes to Office 365. However, the time is changed and IBM Notes left behind by the fond of cloud-supported suites such as Office 365. Thus, when time changes, it would be better for business to move on with it.

Main Advantages of Office 365 App

If you want to know the reasons of Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration, then it can be discussed by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of both the applications.

  • IBM Notes supports complicated interface whereas Office 365 designed with simple GUI.
  • Office 365 application use RAM of less size to store mailbox database than Lotus Notes.
  • Synchronization issues involved between two internal systems, for e.g. IBM Notes and Domino Server.
  • Moving to Office 365 environment facilitate to opt useful features such as PBX, VoIP, cloud storage and more.
  • Office 365 is an affordable service than Lotus Notes.

Other than this, there are lot more benefits too that force users to migrate Lotus Notes mailbox and migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365.

How to Batch Migrate IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365?

The process of migrating data from Lotus Notes to Office 365 can be a complex process. But, it is still possible as you have sufficient time and resources. You can either use manual technique using IMAP Connector or make use of automated Lotus Notes to Office 365, direct application.

If you want to migrate Lotus Notes multiple mailboxes to Office 365 account in an easy and precise way, then you can go for third party solution. Let us start further by understanding the steps of professional solution and manual method.

Direct and Professional Solution – Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool

Lotus Notes to Office 365 or NSF Converter is a complete all-in-one utility for batch Lotus Notes emails, contacts, calendar, tasks etc. to Office 365 migration. The application is easy, reliable, cost-effective and proficient way that can utilized easily by all kind of organization and single users to migrate Lotus Notes database into Office 365 environment. Moreover, the software is equipped with unlimited benefits that help in migrating the database as per need without trouble. The Lotus Notes to Office 365 app is also capable in maintaining the data integrity of NSF file and keeping the folder structure in an exact way as before during the process. Follow the steps to know, how to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 directly:

Step 1. Open Lotus Notes to O365 Migration utility on local system running Windows OS.

first screen

Step 2. Go to Select File(s), click Select Files or Select Folders button to load NSF database file.

source nsf file selection box

Step 3. Software will quickly scan NSF file and list all the associated items on left pane. Click on folder whose files data you want to read in Preview window before migration.

Smart Preview of NSF Files

Step 4. Move to Export button, click on it and choose Export to Office 365 option from the list. Press Next.

Cloud based Apps

Step 5. Enter the details of Office 365 account as per need, apply filter and click on Export. Process will immediately start and completes with an error message on the screen “Conversion Done Successfully”. Click OK and exit.

lotus notes export

The software is a direct way out for migrating unlimited NSF files from IBM Notes into Office 365 environment. All technical and non-technical users can use the application to migrate NSF files to Office 365 with emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and other items.

Steps for Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Manually

The process of Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration categorized in four steps:

  1. NSF file database backup for IBM Notes.
  2. New user mailbox creation in Office 365.
  3. IMAP configurations (TCP/IP ports) for user accounts.
  4. Email synchronization from Lotus Notes to O365 through IMAP Connection.

We will discuss each step in detail in order to help you performing manual migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365. Mailbox migration can sometimes become complicated if employees are not informed about it. In order to avoid any chaos, make sure to send some emails regarding event and be ready to answer questions users might have. Once it is covered, we can start migration process by implementing the steps below:

NSF File Database Backup for IBM Notes

During the process, there are possibilities things could go wrong. Therefore, it makes sense to backup data in Lotus Notes by backing up Lotus Notes database files containing details about mailboxes of users. Backups are essential as they work as a restore in case migration process fails and NSF files got corrupt.

Create User Mailboxes on Office 365

A user need to create new user mailbox for each account that you planning to migrate from IBM Notes to Office 365. For ease of cross-verification, make sure that all details are accurate and are exact between O365 user profile and Lotus Notes email client accounts.

Enable IMAP (TCP/IP) Ports for Users

The manual Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration takes place via IMAP protocol, so it is necessary to enable TCP/IP ports for all users whose mailboxes need to be migrated to O365 account. To implement it, follow the steps as described:

  1. Go to tab of Domino Administrator in Lotus Notes and hit Configuration tab.
  2. Select appropriate Server file or document.
  3. Navigate to Ports tab, click Internet Ports and hit Mail.
  4. Enable TCP/IP Port Value Status for the Mail (IMAP) settings (leave default port number of TCP/IP to 143 that seem like correspond with IBM Lotus Domino Server).
  5. Hit Save button to get the changes done.

Setup Connection with IMAP Connector

As now TCP/IP port value status is enabled, now it will be easy to setup a connection via IMAP Connector available in Lotus Notes application. Now, a user can directly synchronize data of Lotus Notes with Office 365 after connection successfully established. The process might consume a little bit of time as it depends on much data a user is migrating.

Things to Remember when Migrating NSF to Office 365 Manually

When accessing Lotus Notes database files into Office 365 manually, you need to keep few things in your mind:

  1. NSF files should be less than of 1GB.
  2. It is necessary to clean user’s mailboxes and remove inappropriate emails; it will cut the total amount of data to be migrated and hence increase process speed.
  3. Synchronize the contacts of user accounts before starting the migration. Alternatively, you can drop email to every user with instructions of doing so.
  4. A user can move up to only 15 mailboxes at once as it is a limitation of Lotus Extractor. If you have more mailboxes for migration, then it needs to be performed in batches.
  5. Calendar entries from IBM Notes should be migrated manually.
  6. Confirm that company firewall is not blocking the process.
  7. Data backup of NSF file is essential, as there are chances that during migration some data might lost.
  8. Person implementing the process should be experienced to reduce the chance of any mishaps.


The blog has discussed multiple methods for migrating Lotus Notes to Office 365 account. Professional solution i.e. Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool is easy and cost-effective and suitable for technical and non-technical users. Manual method is also implementable but needs lot of technical knowledge. Moreover, only accessible by organizations as novice users find it difficult to adapt. To know more about the entire application, install the free download edition now that allows to migrate first files from each NSF item to O365 account free of cost. You can also check the process of Lotus Notes to Outlook, Lotus Notes to Exchange, Lotus Notes to Gmail/G Suite and more.