How to Export Thunderbird Emails to PDF?

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Summary: Today with Technological advancement the task to export Thunderbird emails to PDF become so easy. Thunderbird to PDF Converter is a third party software which perform the conversion process in a very efficient manner. There are various other method available which are also explain in this blog. Read the blog till end to know which method best suits your problem.

Thunderbird is widely used email client which is developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is an open source and personal information manager. It is used by both home users and professional user to manage personal as well organization database. Besides its attributes various users all over the world wants to migrate their Thunderbird database to PDF format. There are various methods through which user can perform this conversion that will be discuss in later section. But for now we take a brief about the reasons behind the export of Thunderbird emails to PDF.

Reasons to Export Thunderbird Emails to PDF

There are various reasons because of which user want to export Thunderbird emails to PDF. We try to explain few major reasons in this blog.

  • PDF files are most secures file format. It allow users to secure files of utmost importance with password.
  • These documents are acceptable in almost all work field as legal documents.
  • PDF files are portable in nature and can be easily carried and managed by anyone.
  • Files in PDF format can be easily transferable with any device such as mobile, laptop tablet etc.

Methods to Convert Thunderbird Mail to PDF Files

  • Export Thunderbird Emails to PDF Format Manually
  • Thunderbird to PDF Converter- A Smart Solution

Export Thunderbird Emails to PDF Format Manually

In this method we explain how to export Thunderbird emails to PDF format with the help of Import/Export add-on.

  1. Open Thunderbird application in your system.
  2. Go to File and then press Add-on.
  3. Now double click on setting and download Add-on from file.
  4. Then select Import/Export Add-on and install it in your Thunderbird application.
  5. Further select the Thunderbird emails you want to export in PDF format.
  6. Now go to File and then click on Save Selected Messages.
  7. Then select PDF as output option.
  8. Finally choose the destination location to save your resultant file according to your need.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

  • Manual method is not suitable for non-technical background user.
  • The working steps of this method is quite tricky and complex.
  • It is uncertain that all your Thunderbird emails get converted into PDF format.
  • The method involves risk of data loss.
  • It is not the efficient method as it consumes your lots of precious time.

Thunderbird to PDF Converter- A Smart Solution

Thunderbird to PDF Converter is a third party software which convert Thunderbird mail to PDF file in a very efficient manner. Let’s move forward with the working of the software in brief.

Step 1: Download and Launch the software in your System.

add MBOX files

Step 2: Now use File mode and Folder mode to load your desirable Thunderbird file in the Software.

  • File Mode: It enable user to export Thunderbird files to PDF format.
  • Folder Mode: It enable user to export Thunderbird folders to PDF format.

add MBOX files

Step 3:  Now the software load all your Thunderbird mailbox in the software and start showing preview of it.

preview selected mbox files

Step 4: Further Select PDF in Select Saving Output Format and press Next button.

choose saving file format

Step 5: Now apply the Advance PDF Saving option offered by the software then select destination path to save resultant PDF file and click on Export Button to move forward.

live mbox files conversion progress

Step 6: Finally a pop-up Windows open with a message “Conversion Completed Successfully”, click on Save report button if you want to save the backup report in CSV format.

conversion done

Attributes of Using Thunderbird to PDF Converter

Desktop Based Application: The software can be operated in any Windows machine. It is a desktop based application which is accessible in all Windows version such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, vista etc.

Multiple Option to Save Attachments: It facilitate user to save attachments in multiple formats. It is capable of exporting all type of attachments to PDF format and offer 4 option which are given below to perform it.

  • Directly embeds attachments into PDF
  • Add or appends attachments to PDF
  • Convert Attachments into PDF format
  • Save attachments separately in a folder

Safest Tool: The tool is the safest way to perform migration of Thunderbird mail to PDF format. Thunderbird to PDF Converter export data with 100% accuracy and integrity.

Maintains Folder Structure and Formatting: It maintains the folder hierarchy after conversion. Users will not find any difference in folder structure after the files get converted into PDF format. The software also export Thunderbird emails in accurate properties and Meta formatting.

Preview Mode: The software load the entire Thunderbird mailbox and shows its preview, so that user can cross check the selected file to eliminate unnecessary conversion of Thunderbird emails to PDF format.

Multiple File Naming Combination: Thunderbird to PDF Converter facilitate user to save the resultant Thunderbird files according to their need by giving multiple file naming combination. The software offer various file naming combination, list of which are gives below.

  • Subject
  • Subject + Date(DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Date(MM-DD-YYYY) + From + Subject
  • Date(DD-MM-YYYY) + From + Subject
  • Date(YYYY-MM-DD) + From + Subject
  • Date(YYYY-MM-DD) + Subject
  • From + Subject + Date(YYYY-MM-DD)

Advanced Filter: It provides various advance filters such as to, from, subject, date, bcc, cc etc. to save Thunderbird files according to user’s suitability.

Independent Application: It is an independent application which doesn’t require configuration of Thunderbird application to convert Thunderbird mail to PDF files.

Download Thunderbird to PDF Converter Free Demo Version

Thunderbird to PDF Converter demo version is also available for user’s evaluation purpose. You can download the demo version to know more about the software as the demo version give complete preview of the software working. Thunderbird Converter demo version allow user to export first 20 Thunderbird emails to PDF format without charging any fee. If you like the software then buy its licence version to get access to unlimited conversion of Thunderbird emails.